Pimp A Friend Friday: Deborah Batterman

Rachel loves her Uncle Jake more than anything. Handsome and mysterious, he fills her with stories, sends postcards and gifts from exotic places. And he’s so much more fun to be with than her parents, who are always fighting. When she learns he’s gay, she keeps it under wraps. And when he gets sick, she doesn’t even tell her best friends. Until she realizes that secrecy does more harm than good. A coming-of-age story framed by the passions of the ’60s and the AIDS crisis of the ‘80s.
Deborah Batterman wrote a book I enjoyed called Shoes Hair Nailswhich I found to be intricate and honest. She has a new book titled Just Like February that is being considered for the Kindle Scout Program. I’ll let her explain it herself.

As the publishing world turns, new paradigms evolve that present fresh opportunities for writers.  Call it a leap of faith, but  I’m  testing the waters of reader-powered book publishing via Amazon’s new Kindle Scout program. It works like this: you get to read an excerpt of my novel by following this link.
If you like what you read, and want to read more, you let Amazon know by nominating my book for publication. (If you really like what you read, please share the link in whatever way you share exciting things 😉   Yes, you can think of it as ‘American Idol’ for book lovers. The novel has already moved into the’hot and trending’ category, so there’s reason for me to feel very hopeful.
Enough interest and Just like February is published by Kindle Press. I get an advance and royalties. And you get to read the finished book.

If you’re interested, please follow the link above and nominate Deborah’s book for publication. And check out her other work. I very much enjoy it. The deadline to vote is December 12.

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