Miss Murder Officially Joins Crystal Lake Publishing

It’s official! I’m now an author for Crystal Lake Publishing. What a delight! I’ll let Joe Mynhardt from Crystal Lake take it from here:
I’m very happy to publicly welcome Mercedes Murdock Yardley to Crystal Lake Publishing.
We’ll be publishing six titles from her in the next year, starting with NAMELESS: THE DARKNESS COMES this coming Friday (Book one in the BONE ANGEL TRILOGY). Book two will be out in a few months, so be sure to read the first book before then.

Since Nameless has been previously published, anyone who purchases the updated Crystal Lake Publishing version (eBook or paperback) and shares their purchase on Social Media, will receive a FREE novella eBook, as well. Be warned, it’s a dark one: LITTLE DEAD RED
So check out Mercedes’ bio, welcome her aboard, and show her how we can spread the word about great books.

2 Comments on “Miss Murder Officially Joins Crystal Lake Publishing”

  1. I have just finished reading Nameless. I loved it. At times I wanted to shake Luna to get her to stop being so nasty to Mouth and oh the ending. I cried. What a fantastic book.

  2. Thank you so much! Luna could use a good throttle, but she’s so used to being let down by people. In book 2 she tries trusting others, and it may or may not turn out well for her. 😉

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