Pre-Orders Are Up! And A Reading.

Oh, my friends! I’m so excited! Pre-orders are up for Nameless: The Darkness Comes. You can pre-order it now for 99 cents, and it will automatically be delivered to your Kindle on Friday. If you share your order with me (email me or tag me on Twitter or Facebook, etc), then I’ll send you an e-copy of my novella Little Dead Red.
“Mercedes!” you say. “Could this be two stories for 99 cents?”
Why, yes, dear reader!  That’s precisely the case.
“And is it nearly Christmas?” you wonder, ever so concerned about giving your friends and family gifts they would adore.
It is nearly Christmas! You may pre-order books and give them away! That means your shopping is done for somebody with a dollar. Yay!
But the 99 cent price is only good for pre-orders and for Friday. After that it goes up to $3.99, so you might want to grab it while you can.
There’s also a Nameless Book Release Facebook Party going on all week. Join us and have some fun!
Thank you so much!

4 Comments on “Pre-Orders Are Up! And A Reading.”

  1. I’m confused. I have read this book already. How is it just now being released when I read it 2 years ago and have it on my Kindle? What am I missing?

    1. This is the re-release. I left the publishing company who originally published NAMELESS, and I had to pull the three books I had with them out of print. Luckily Crystal Lake Publishing picked up not only NAMELESS, but the other two books I pulled. They’re also publishing the sequels to NAMELESS, which are coming out next year. So we’re celebrating the book coming back into print after being unavailable for a year. 🙂

    1. Paul! If you’re at all interested, you can download a free Kindle app to your phone, computer, or iPad. Any Kindle book can be read on these apps. I scope out all of the free books on Kindle and there’s ALWAYS something to read. 🙂

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