A Kinder, Gentler First Aid Kit

I’ve told you about the Frontier Girls, which is similar to the Girl Scouts. Both of my daughters participate and they love it! I can’t say enough about our leader, who takes my breath away. She’s Wonder Woman.
They had a first aid day on Saturday, spending four hours learning things like CPR, etc. One of the requirements is to put together a first aid kit for the girls.
My daughter told me that the idea of first aid is a little scary. I told her that’s perfectly all right, and that’s why we practice before we need it so we’ll know what to do if we ever need to.
We put together a kinder, gentler, kid friendly first aid kit. We used an adorable lunch bag, and some reusable snack bags with bright colors. We discussed everything that went in to it. Colorful cartoon band-aids, ointment, candies in case my sugar crashes. She showed me how to use each thing. Even more important, I think the cuteness took some of the scare factor away. She even put it out on the counter while I made dinner “just in case.”
It was a simple thing to make but now I think we have a family doctor. 🙂

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