A Warning From Zoltar

There’s a town called Primm about 45 minutes south of Vegas. And there’s an old casino that is dirty, seedy, smoky, and all kinds of wonderful. It has a movie theater. There’s a death-defying roller coaster and a log flume. And there’s an old arcade with our buddy Zoltar.
He was most famous by making Tom Hanks Big in the movie by that title. I wanted to see what he could do for me.
I coughed up a buck in order to get my fortune.
image(180)And, with trembling hands, I waited to see what he would say.
0809141014Zoltar pretty much used flowery language and incantations to tell me that I ought to be more careful with my spending money and people are waiting to take advantage of my sweet nature. Sort of like giving a machine a dollar and getting a “meh” type fortune instead of buying a Coke, I guess. Good call, Zoltar!
You should stop by sometime. See what the Great and Powerful Zoltar reads in the stars and sees for you.

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