Announcing the Heroes of Red Hook Anthology!

The old begat the new, the thread of his heritage running through his current situation like a vein of silver. His life was beautiful. It was everything he wanted.
                We know from the old tales that this is when things go wrong.
-Excerpt from “Ivan and the Hurting Doll” by Mercedes M. Yardley
My story “Ivan and the Hurting Doll” is one of the many stories included in the Heroes of Red Hook anthology, put out by Golden Goblin Press. Take a gander at the Kickstarter video below, and please back it if you’d like to see this book come to print. Also, if we fund Heroes of Red Hook completely, we’ll work on some stretch goals. One of these stretch goals includes my novella “Skin of Bear, Bone of Witch”, which is a sequel to “Ivan.”
I hope you enjoy!

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