The Millennium Biltmore Hotel

It’s one of the coolest hotels I’ve ever had the chance to stay in. When I did my reading of Little Dead Red in LA for Shades and Shadows, I spent the night at the Biltmore. Astounding.IMG_1437
The first picture I took was of this stunning ceiling. It looks like candy.
Look at this tea service! It’s so beautiful and far too fancy for me. I took a picture and then scurried away before I broke something.
I was enchanted by this staircase. Every time that I went down to the lobby, I took these stairs. They’re so elegant and remind me of something from Wonderland. And what’s even better? If you follow the staircase down down down to the very bottom, you come across the underbelly of the hotel.
It’s no longer Wonderland. It’s more like something from Neverwhere. But continue on and you come to my favorite door in the entire place.
At the end of this cement stairwell, is another door. It’s old and charming, and you can hear music playing from the other side. I was never able to walk through this door without pausing first. There was something otherworldly about it. When you finally pass through the door closes behind you with a click, and there’s no handle to get back in. You’re in the main hall on your own, under that splendid ceiling. It’s a place of surprises.

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