Miss Murder at the Ferron Library

I had a speaking engagement at the Ferron library today, and it was so much fun! The smell of books, old friends, and new ones. I enjoyed every second.
It was such a friendly, cozy environment! Middlest came up and sat next to me, ready to field any questions. Littlest fell asleep on my lap and I rocked her as I spoke. There’s something so cool about small towns and being able to kick off your shoes and simply be a person.
I loved learning what the members of the audience were working on. They were working on poetry. Short stories. Novels, journals, cookbooks. It made me smile. I looked around and realize that my dreams are coming true, and now I’m in a position to share any information I have an help others realize theirs, as well. 🙂

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  1. Looks like you had an awesome time. What a delight Mercedes to share your knowledge with others. I also enjoyed your small town Library visit with the children. Vitina

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