My Darlings, May I Read You A Story?

Last night was a crazy night with SWAT going after the people two houses down. We heard megaphones and sirens and what could have been flash bombs, but the girls and I were huddled together on the bottom bunk, telling stories to distract ourselves from the fear. Because stories make everything better, and listening to a story is one of life’s oldest and greatest pleasures. It was also all I had to offer, since I was a bit shaken myself.
My darlings, may I read you a story? This is Horror podcast invited me to read something aloud, and I chose one of my favorite stories from my Beautiful Sorrows collection. Here is “Luna e Volk,” a tale of beauty, darkness, and a young man who is so entranced by the old tales and movies that he meshes fantasy and reality together. Please take a second to drink something soothing and listen to “Luna e Volk.”

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