This is Horror Podcast Interview! Episode 119.

14996534_10101309758396084_2142927969_nMichael David Wilson and Bob Pastorolla invited me on Episode 119 of the This Is Horror Podcast, and it was such a blast! We discussed NaNoWriMo, lush language, beautiful horror, and the benefits of having your roommate perform kitchen table surgery with regular utensils. I may or may not have recommend removing a kidney as a form of weight loss, and definitely as a way to raise funds on the black market.
In case you couldn’t tell, we had a good time. Great questions, discussions, a challenge from Michael that I accepted, and a lot of laughter. Please drop by and take a listen!
This is part one of the interview. If you’d like the whole thing in one shot, you can go to this link and donate $4. Not only will you get the entire interview, but you’ll support This Is Horror and earn Michael’s undying love. No, seriously, he promised that. He’ll love you forever, and eternal love is worth achieving. Do it. 🙂
I hope you enjoy listening even half as much as I enjoyed recording. It was so fun! These are nice guys doing wonderful things for the genre, and that’s pretty stellar.

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