The Horror Writer's Podcast Interview!

This was an insanely fun interview with Zach Bohannon and J.Thorn from The Horror Writer’s Podcast.  I hit it off with them immediately, and it felt like getting into a good-natured scrap with your family at the reunion. Zach is the kind of guy who would sit down next to you at the picnic table and steal the cob of corn from your plate while J watches and tries not to laugh. It was really, really fun. Please take a listen! and go ahead and subscribe to their Youtube channel.
I really enjoy interviews. It gives me a chance to meet new people and play off what they have to say. It’s really some of the most fun I have while writing. I hope you enjoy!

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  1. Just listening to the second part of your interview now and really enjoyed listening to both episodes! As someone writing and trying to figure out what “writer” hat to wear with a fondness for horror it was encouraging to listen to a woman immersed in the horror genre and kicking a$$. Thanks for the tips, wise words and enthusiasm. Rebecca

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