This Is Horror Episode 120…With Outtakes!

This is the second  part of the two part interview with This Is Horror. We discussed Gamut, rejections, and fairytales. Also, exploding Coke Zero bottles, selling organs on the black market, and about ten minutes of outtakes. There was a lot of laughter. The three of us were giggly things.
The thing with interviews is that you never quite know the direction they’ll take. 😉
I’d like to thank This Is Horror for being so generous with their time with me. You can listen to both parts of the Interview and a reading of my short story “Luna e Volk” below. I hope you enjoy!
Episode 119: Mercedes M. Yardley talks about NaNoWriMo, The Poetry of Language, and Beautiful Horror.
Episode 120: Mercedes M. Yardley talks about Gamut Magazine, Rejections, and Fairy Tales
Episode 122: Mercedes M. Yardley read Luna e Volk.

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