Miss Murder's Creepy New Doll

I was out thrifting and I fell in love with this beautiful mermaid doll.
Dolls don’t call to me. In fact, they make me nervous. I don’t like dolls, marionettes, and mannequins, really. They’re not people, but they try so hard to be. It’s deceptive. But this lady? She was meant to be mine.
I was joking with My Angry Ginger that this is how home possessions start. She was joking back until the doll’s eyelashes fluttered and it winked at her. Then she put the doll down and noped her way out of here.
I didn’t let it bother me. I started brushing and braiding the doll’s hair while humming.
Then I realized that I had braided her hair into a noose.

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