Anniversary Signing at Copper Cat Books! Come see me!

I can’t tell you how much I love Copper Cat Books! They’re a great new bookstore in Henderson. Friendly, quirky, the place smells amazing, and the owners are so much fun. Tim Chizmar and I did a signing there in October, and it was a great time!


Tim and I at Copper Cat Books. We know how to have a good time!

Please join us tomorrow, Saturday December 8th and Sunday, December 9th for the Copper Cat Books One-Year Anniversary event! They’ll have authors there both days, and tote bags for sale, and books to lick, and chairs to roll around in, and then probably some police to escort you out of the door. But it’s a fantastic venue and will be the new meeting spot for the Las Vegas Chapter of the Horror Writers Association later. (Tim and I are co-chairs of that organization. You should join us!)


I’ll even have copies of my Limited Edition hardcover Little Dead Red and Other Stories that you can see in person. If you like one, you can place an order. They’re ready to ship.

Here’s a list of the many authors that will be there, including yours truly. I’ll be there tomorrow (Saturday) from 11 am-1 pm. I’ll most likely be sewing some voodoo dolls, so come say hi! It would be a pleasure to see you. Get your Christmas shopping done in one day with books from may different genres. Also, I love that I’m just Mercedes on the list. I don’t need a last name. I’m the Cher of horror! 😛


Copper Cat Books is located at 1570 West Horizon Ridge Pkwy Suite 170.

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