Miss Murder Goes To Jimmy Kimmel!

Jimmy Kimmel was taping in Las Vegas this week, and we scored tickets. First we waited in this line to get into the parking garage. It took over an hour to park. I was listening to the Re-Solved Mysteries podcast, which is very cool if you can get past the extreme Valley Girl vocal fry.

The first line!

Then we waited in this line. “That’s not too bad!” you say, and I adore you for your optimism! It really isn’t. Except this is maybe 1/12 of the line. It went around many, many corners. But Mr. Murder procured snacks to munch on, and I don’t get to see him very often, so it was a pleasure. We stood by some fun people and shared our Kit-Kats with them, as hungry adults do.

The next line!

I didn’t think we’d all make it into the theatre, but all 6,000 of us did! And IT WAS AWESOME. It was so cool to see how they counted Jimmy Kimmel and the band in. The camera swung around on a huge crane and you could see the shots on the screen. The whole shebang ran smoothly and was just a pleasure to watch. The Kardashians were there and they Kardashianed. Then the Killers played and I was just in heaven. They’re one of my favorite bands. Maybe I screamed myself a little hoarse during their set, I don’t know, it doesn’t matter, you don’t know me, it’s my life. 😉 If you ever get a chance to catch them live, I’d jump on that chance.

Mr. and Miss Murder after the show. All of these people stood in line with us!

Mr. Murder and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. It feels like taking part in a bit of Americana, and there’s such charm in that. Have you ever gone to any live tapings? Which shows?

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  1. Know what’s wonderful about having a great HWA pal in NY who just happens to be a really big deal stage manager around town??? VIP tickets. No lines. Front row seats.

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