Today is the Day! It’s the Pretty Little Dead Girl Graphic Novel Kickstarter Launch!

I’m so excited and happy and my stomach literally HURTS because I’m so nervous! I just barely hit the button and the Kickstarter for Pretty Little Dead Girls: A Graphic Novel of Murder and Whimsy is live! Oh my goodness!

Artist Orion Zangara and I are turning my favorite novel into a graphic novel.  Meet Bryony Adams, the ethereal Star Girl who was destined to be murdered, as well as the cast of characters who try to stand against fate.


We have 31 days to reach our goal of $6,400. We plan to create a 100 page graphic novel that will be split into three parts, and eventually be collected into a beautiful omnibus. This goal of this Kickstarter is to receive funding for the first volume.

The rewards are so fun, you guys! Art, your likeness drawn into the graphic novel, some of my quilts, you (or somebody you love) written into one of my stories, and more. There’s something for everybody. I am so excited and pleased, and grateful to Orion for all that he has done for this project. His art sings.

Okay! Let’s do this thing! It’s live. It’s live! Ahhhhh! Please swing by and see it here!

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