Thank You For Funding Pretty Little Dead Girls: The Graphic Novel!

What a wild ride! The enthusiasm, love, and support that you all showed literally brought me to tears. Thanks to your generous pledges, Orion Zangara and I were able to fund Pretty Little Dead Girls: The Graphic Novel!

I keep saying this is a dream project, but it’s truth. Turning my favorite book into a different medium with an incredible artist is just…well. Reach for the moon, little Mercedes. Perhaps one day you’ll touch it.

Orion and I are hard at work on your rewards. I’m getting the script written and will hand it off to him in July. He’ll get to work, and we’ll have the first volume of the three-part series in your hands next year. I’ll post a few updates so you’ll be in the loop, but it won’t be intrusive or overwhelming in any way. Trust that we’ll be busy little bees.

Thank you again. You make my heart sing. <3


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