Why, Hello There! And an Achievement.

Hello, my darlings! I didn’t mean to accidentally take a long blog sabbatical, but here I am. Apparently I was very, very tired.

I’m back, and my feet are under me. I’d also like to share a super special awesome achievement that I’m proud of. I attended some night business classes and now have a certificate from the LDS Business College. It isn’t the same as being a young adult and going to school. I had to balance work and home, and it was difficult for me as well as my husband and the kiddos. But we all pulled together and now I have something shiny.

Talk to you all soon!

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  1. Something to be proud of, indeed 🙂 It’s no small irony that I, too, found myself taking a blog hiatus, for different reasons. More to the point, you should know how much I’ve admired your accomplishments over the years since we first connected. And I have that lovely gift — a copy of ‘Glitter Rose’ — to remind me of what we share as writers and readers.

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