A Pretty Little Dead Girls Manicure!

My friend Erin Lewis is a genius. She does the most stunning manicures, and lately she’s taken to doing a series of book covers. They are whimsical and delightful. So imagine my joy when she surprised me with her take on the Pretty Little Dead Girls cover!


This is what she had to say.

Today’s literary isolation maniCURE is inspired by the effervescently delightful and pleasingly macabre Mercedes Yardley and her fantastic book PRETTY LITTLE DEAD GIRLS.

The story is a lyrical dark fairy tale about a Bryony, a girl destined to be murdered. <dramatic music> And I highly recommend it. <slightly less dramatic music>

The manicure is a lyrical, layered proof to the fact that yes, I DO need four different shades of gray in my polish collection. Also that yes, I do need to work on my freehand roses. They kinda pull off the blood-dripping lyricism I was going for. But also kinda not. Perhaps it wasn’t their destiny.

This was just so much fun, and added some joy to this quarantine.  6 1/2 weeks of voluntary self-isolation at my house, and while it is quite the struggle, it’s worth it. Love you, friends!

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