I’ll Be Teaching at the Virtual ANWA Conference!

I’ve really been looking forward to my first American Night Writers Association conference! Once upon a time we thought “this Covid thing” would all be over with and we’d be back to life as normal, but that obviously isn’t the case. I love that we have conference leaders who care about their attendees enough to do the entire conference virtually. I know it wasn’t easy for anybody, and I appreciate the sacrifice and concern for our safety.

My class is titled “The Redemptive Aspects of Horror.” It’s a class celebrating my love for the genre and focusing on the positive role horror plays in society. Can a good person write horror? Absolutely.

“Despite its stigma, the horror genre hinges on morality. We’ll discuss the uplifting, and even godly, aspects of this misunderstood genre. Join Mercedes M. Yardley’s ‘The Redemptive Aspects of Horror’ class.”

Join me online from 3:30-4:20 on Friday, September 11. You can register for the ANWA conference here.


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