The ANWA Conference! In My Car!

So the Internet went out in parts of Las Vegas for about 30 hours, which was difficult enough (kids kicked out of school, people kicked out of work, gamers kicked out of Final Fantasy 15), but I was on tap to teach at the American Night Writer’s Association virtual conference. I hopped into the car and drove across town to hang out in the McDonald’s parking lot and steal their wifi. I did this for two nights. This is the face of a woman fully expecting to get murdered.(Also! I have powder blue hair and I love it!) But as Dennis Gaunt said, I literally went the extra mile for ANWA. *awesome rimshot*

I hung out in that sketchy parking lot for two nights, and it was such an amazing experience! The classes were stellar and since the classes were done virtually, they’re recorded and accessible for another month. Everybody was so prepared. I was a dialogue mentor and had the chance to talk one-on-one. My The Redemptive Aspects of Horror class went well and the people who attended had  such stellar insights. Everybody worked so hard and it showed. This was my first ANWA conference but it definitely won’t be my last. It was exactly what my soul needed.

How are you keeping up with your goals during this never-ending pandemic? I’d love to hear!

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    1. Thank you! Todd Keisling put this cover together. He’s the one who did the cover to Arterial Bloom. He’s pretty amazing!

  1. I’m in that strange place where I want to be informed but I also need to step back. It’s hitting my soul far too hard. I’m glad you’re hitting your goals!

  2. I have a friend who is not part of ANWA who made a comment about horror, and I would like to share what I learned from your class with her. Do you have one of these blogposts that covers the basic ideas you taught us in class? Thanks.

    1. No, I don’t have a blog post, but I’m more than happy to send you my notes for her! They’re written for me and might not make a world of sense, but I’m happy to share them. PM me your email address, if you’d like them. 🙂

      1. Thanks! I typed up my notes from your class for her. All she said was that her “ghost stories” weren’t horror, implying that horror is always gory or gross. I think she got more than she bargained for 🙂

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