Christmas in the Time of Covid

It hasn’t been easy, has it, my darlings? It’s been…exhausting. But I do want to share the drive-through party that our church had. It wasn’t the annual traditional party with dinner, a program, and a visit by a certain Jolly Old Elf, but it was still sweet and touched my soul.

Caroling with a ukulele, banjolele, and violin!

Different organizations set up in the parking lot. I’m in the primary presidency, which means I’m one of the people in charge of our church’s children. We gave out safely pre-packaged cookies with a loving note attached.

Two of my elves.

Cars started at one end of the parking lot and drove through. We were all socially distanced. We wore masks. I wore gloves and dropped the cookies through open car windows. But there were still Christmas carols. We saw old friends and met new ones. It was  a different solution, but it was a fine, joyful solution. We laughed and had fun and everything was over in an hour. It really made the holidays brighter!

I hope you have a happy holiday, however it looks. Much love to you! <3





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  1. Oh Mercedes, this must have been so very, very heartwarming. You and yours were in the thick of things.

    Happy Holidays my sweet friend,


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