My New Novel DARLING Has Found A Home!

Oh, my friends! I am absolutely delighted to share that my Southern Gothic novel, titled Darling, has found a home with Black Spot Books! Black Spot Books (an imprint of Vesuvian Media)is ran by the indomitable Lindy Ryan. Darling is deeply personal and I can’t wait to introduce you to Cherry and her friends!

Darling has its demons.

Cherry LaRouche escaped the claws of Darling, Louisiana at sixteen. When she is forced to return after her mother’s death, Cherry and her children move back into her childhood home where the walls whisper and something sinister skitters across the roof at night.

I can’t tell you how excited I am for this! I hope that you’re excited, too. Right now we’re tentatively looking at an August 2022 release. I hope you celebrate with me!

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  1. Mercedes, I am so very, very excited for you and I love, love, love Southern Gothic!!! I can’t wait to read Darling! Hugs, AA

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