Meet The Yardleys.

We’re attending a new church, and our first day went without a hitch.

That’s a lie. There were so many hitches.

I was wearing 4-inch heels and of course the platform suddenly peeled off the bottom of my shoe so I was rendered completely lame. My husband begged some scotch tape off of somebody so I could tape my shoe together like a fancy lady. Much thanks to Middlest, who threw her arm around me so I didn’t topple off the stairs and die. You were the hero of today.

Oldest tried to use my phone to buy tickets to Costa Rica and very nearly succeeded. He planned a 14+ day trip this December, which would have been lovely but YIKES.

And Littlest drew a picture of a creeper in the bushes staring at people when given her “witness of God” paper to color. I laughed insanely. Her new teachers were a bit shocked. She doubled down and had her creeper watch a chef help up a witch, because of course she did. “Good,”  it says, biding its time.

Hi, we’re new here. Nice to meet you.

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