November’s Pretty Little Dead Girls Graphic Novel Update!

Hello, dear friends! Orion has spent this month working like a beast. All of the panels have been drawn, so he’s focusing on coloring and lettering. I was thrilled to discover that every time the narrator speaks, Orion put little stars in the dialogue boxes. Let me show you.

 It’s such a simple, beautiful thing, but it adds so much richness to the graphic novel. These intricate little details are sweet surprises that you (and I!) will discover the whole way through. He also colored this wonderful picture of our dear Eddie Warshouski, the sarcastic musician of our story. Orion and I joke that Eddie’s exceptionally detailed beanie should be the hero of its own story. It is meant to have grand adventures like setting sail or seeing the sights from the Seattle Space Needle. This panel also shows you the sweet, noninvasive charm of the little stars in the dialogue boxes. Don’t you love how Orion did Eddie’s eyes? This is a particularly moving scene in the book, where Eddie decides whether or not to accept the horrors that come with loving a girl who is fated to be murdered.

Every now and then I step away from cheering Orion on (Go Orion! Go, go, Orion!) and make sure things will go smoothly with Volumes 2 and 3. I’m currently working on the script for Volume 2 so it will be done far, far ahead of the second Kickstarter. I’m also preparing the rewards in advance for our backers so there won’t be any delays with the second and third volume. I do apologize for the delays in this one, but I have learned quite a bit and anticipate smooth sailing for the future volumes. (Hopefully with Eddie’s Traveling Beanie at the wheel.)
Thank you again for all of your love and support! We hope you’re enjoying these updates and look forward to holding the Pretty Little Dead Girls: A Graphic Novel of Murder and Whimsy in your hands soon.
With love,
Mercedes and Orion

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