Paula Cappa Features Miss Murder!

My new friend Paula Cappa was gracious enough to feature me on her blog for Women in Horror Month and also to represent Quiet Horror. You can read it here! Thank you, Paula. 😀

She also included an interview that Todd Keisling and I did all by ourselves because the host never showed up. Incidentally, it mentions the time I was moderating a virtual Stokercon panel with Stephen Graham Jones and my husband was violently throwing up in the bathroom right next to me. I was trying to mute my mic as best as I could, hoping nobody heard it, and I was pretty sure I’d have to move my husband’s corpse afterward. Life is always interesting.

Anyway! All this and more on the feature!


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  1. Thank you, Mercedes , for your support and kind words. Love your stories! I am pleased and honored to have you as one of my Reading Fiction Blog authors.

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