Check Out My Reading of “The Color of Bruises!”

Wow, this is such an important subject. I was so delighted to be invited to participate in The Pixel Project’s Selection 2023: 16 Poets Against Violence Against Women. You can check out the 16 of us here. They asked me why I was against violence against women, and I was angry the question even had to be asked.

They’re featuring our poems, and my reading just went up. You can listen to “The Color of Bruises” here. 

In the 10th year of Read For Pixels, The Pixel Project officially marks the start of our inclusion of and collaboration with poets in the campaign with the release of Under Her Eye, a collection of original poems about violence against women. And so we honour 16 acclaimed poets who have crafted powerful poems for the collection. Many are award-winning poets while others are well-respected in their countries. Still others are up-and-coming stars who have decided to use their talents for good. It is the movement to end VAW that unites and inspires them and we hope that all of them will continue to work with the movement in years to come.


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