Come Listen to my Interview on Rock and Roll Nightmares!

Staci Layne Wilson interviews Nadia Robertson and I on her Rock and Roll Nightmares podcast! We talk about our stories in Parallel Lines. Nadia’s is “The Man the Colonel Never Knew” about Elvis Presley, and mine is “Holding Hands Like Paper Dolls” about the Manson Family. Come listen!

This is what Staci says in her episode notes:

Mercedes M. Yardley and Nadia Robertson, both of whom wrote short stories for the latest collection in the Rock & Roll Nightmares series, “Parallel Lines,” join Staci on today’s podcast. They discuss the inspiration behind their stories—The Beatles (kind of…) for Mercedes, and Elvis (totally) for Nadia. Each author comes from a different perspective and standpoint career-wise, but their love of music and storytelling makes for a fascinating episode!

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