BEAUTIFUL SORROWS Blog Tour’s 12th Stop: Carrie Cuinn

Carrie Cuinn is cooler than I’ll ever be, but she still let me hang around her site.  We talk about the universal beauty of horror, vegan recipes, and the easiest and most difficult parts of writing the book. You can read it here.  And look! I have a knife! Only a few more stops left on the Beautiful Sorrows blog … Read More

4th Stop of the Tour: Talking To Your Daughter About “Pretty”

It’s the 4th stop of the Beautiful Sorrows blog tour! My friend Pauline Campos, an extremely inspiring woman, is running my post “Talking to Your Daughter about ‘Pretty’” on her GIRL BODY PRIDE site.  My five year old asked me if she was pretty, and I couldn’t simply answer with, “Yes, sweetie.” Life is so much more than pretty. What … Read More