Pimp A Friend Friday: Lillian Rose and Meriweather Asterios

You guys! YOU GUYS. Lillian Rose Asterios and her husband Merris do some of the most gorgeous artistic work that you’re going to find. I can’t tell you how breathless I am to see what they create and sell. Things like this: Do you see those stunning earrings? They’re made from ethically collected butterflies who have already passed. I swoon. … Read More

Look Inside My Head 2014: Day 8

1) Post ten of any pictures currently on your hard drive that you think are self-expressive. 2) NO CAPTIONS!!! It must be like we’re speaking with images and we have to interpret your visual language just like we have to interpret your words. 3) They must ALREADY be on your hard drive – no googling or flickr! They have to … Read More

Monarchs and the Mississippi

We flew out at 6 am today, which means that we were driving to the airport at 4:30. The phrase “Don’t talk to me until Texas” was thrown around a couple of times. Neither Mason, Matt, nor I are fabulous morning people. I bought at Diet Coke for $3.50 in the Houston airport. I nearly wept. The house in New … Read More

Stop 5: C.Michelle Jefferies

  It’s a humdinger, today, folks! That’s because my darling friend C. Michelle Jefferies and I are interviewing each other!  She’s in the midst of her blog tour while I’m in the midst of mine.  Stop by her site to see my take on stilettos and writing advice, and read on to hear more about her!   Here’s a bit … Read More

The Bear In A Muddy Tutu by Cole Alpaugh. And a Contest!

  You can’t read the first sentence in this book and not know that you’re in for a trip.  The opening character, Billy Wayne Hooduk, leaves his morbidly obese mother and his timid life behind as he sets out to be God and start a happy cult of his own.  After a traveling circus act goes horrifyingly wrong, Billy Wayne shoots a … Read More