Review: Aleera: Tainted Blood

I just finished Joseph Mead’s debut novel Aleera: Tainted Blood.  Aleera, the daughter of a demonic warlord and a succubus, is being tormented by a serial killer who leaves behind charred bodies.  While trying to track down the killer, she is constantly battling her own dark urges.  Will she be able to control the demon inside her when her life is at stake? … Read More

Heidi Sutherlin Has a Debut Novel! Brothers in Betrayal

The second that I heard Heidi Sutherlin was doing a blog tour for her debut novel Brothers in Betrayal, I jumped all over her and asked if she’d let me host.  Heidi is a friendly, delightful, witty woman, and that’s enough for me right there. But wait! Brothers in Betrayal looks fantastic! Check out this blurb. Elite Pacific Northwest software … Read More

Guest Post by Jeremy D. Brooks

Hi, everybody!  Today we have a special guest post written by the fantastic Jeremy D. Brooks.  He discusses self-publishing and also introduces us to his debut novel, Amity.   Enjoy! *                                      My name is Jeremy, and I’m a self-publisher. This won’t come as a surprise to anyone who follows my blog, but I struggled with getting my debut novel “Amity” out … Read More

Book Review: Robert Duperre’s “The Fall”

I’ve gotta be honest.  This book caught my interest at “Mayan”.  A long-dormant threat awakens and is released from a Mayan temple.  Those infected become irrationally violent and cannibalize anyone unfortunate enough to be nearby.  What do you do when those you love succumb? Robert Duperre’s The Fall is a toothy, satisfying read written in an easy, loping style.  I … Read More