Be Fearless, My Zombie Apocalypse Team!

I’m a fan of Facebook. My page is a mishmash of writers, the kids I grew up with, extended family, and people who have since become my family. It is also the home of my Zombie Apocalypse team. I stole this status from Kara McElhinny, and it made me laugh hysterically.  It reads: “Go to your profile. The first 5 … Read More

Heather McCorkle and The Wonders of Twitter

So I’m all about social media.  I like it, a LOT.  I love blogs, but it’s more difficult for me to keep up with.  It takes a while to search everybody out, read posts, and comment.  If you really want to stay in touch, I’m on Facebook.  If you really, really want conversations to fly, I’m @mercedesmy on Twitter.  So … Read More