Take My Hand and Write a Poem with Me.

We went on vacation to the sea. Salt water always makes things better, yes? But we came back exhausted, and ill, and I have the desire to create but I’m very low on energy. I can’t pull the words I need from my head. Let’s borrow somebody else’s words. Found poetry. I’d love for you to do this with me! … Read More

In Which I Discover That We’ve Been Robbed

We packed up the car and headed to my parent’s house for the holidays.  We had everything that was really important with us: the family, my laptop, the kids’ medicine.  It was a good thing, too, because our home was broken into on Christmas Eve, and we were robbed. Our neighbor, who knew that we were out of town, saw … Read More

Deer In The Headlights: An Interview

Once upon a time there was a nice British bloke named Steven Pirie.  We were in an anthology together that butchered our names mercilessly: I was something like Merbcebes and he was Seven.  Thus a friendship was born.  He’ll be Seven to me for the rest of our lives. Anyway, Seven interviewed me on his blog. It was my very first … Read More