Private Dancer

I went to Siberia here in New Orleans to watch my lovely friend Harley May do her stand-up comedy act. (She killed it, by the way.)  There was a burlesque show after the comedy, because apparently that’s how things roll here in the Big Easy. I was mistaken for a burlesque dancer. Perhaps it was the flowers in my hair, … Read More

The Winter Wonders Cover!

I’m in a delightful upcoming anthology titled “Winter Wonders”, and I’m so excited to show you the beautiful cover!  Isn’t it chilly and heartbreakingly whimsical at the same time?  And check out the list of authors that are included! It’s like a giant slumber party of deliciousness!

Quick Update On Why I’m MIA! (Greetings From The Hospital)

Hello, my glorious friends! I have missed you like crazy.  Seriously.  I haven’t been seeing you on Twitter or Facebook or in the blogosphere, or anywhere, really.  Since I am currently blessed with sketchy Internet service, I’m going to update everybody very quickly! My darling twins decided that they want to be born NOW.  This is completely unacceptable, since they’re … Read More