Going Home

I was lucky enough to stay with my parents for a week. Their home is the antithesis of Las Vegas. It’s a pleasure to sit outside and hold the neighbor cat on your lap. <3

Christmas in July, 2018

It’s a family tradition that we’ve had ever since I was little. In July we put up a small tree, make simple stockings out of paper, and have a night of family, Christmas music, and small gifts. Christmas as it is meant to be, instead of what it’s become. The tree was an absolute dream. My mother made these charming music-themed … Read More

For Those I Love Back Home

  I come from a small town.  We spent our time walking down to the corner store to get candy, riding four wheelers in the backyard, and snooping in everybody’s business.  My neighbor would wait on her porch for me to return home from dates, effectively quashing any front-door kissing shenanigans.  If I drove too recklessly, my mother always received an admonishing phone … Read More