The Gate 2: 13 Tales of Isolation and Despair

  Doesn’t that title alone make you want to pick it up?  What if I told you that one of the dark tales was mine?  What if I also told you that writing it inspired this post on writing the darkness?  It was a strange new world for me, but I love how “Black Mary” turned out.  Robby D. turns out … Read More

For Hal Bodner. What Happens In Vegas…

The Quickening: A Tale of Lust and Mayhem Hal eyed the young man from across the room. “What’s your name?” he asked. “Jesse Young,” the man answered. They shook hands.  Hal’s lingered. “So…you’re an artist?” Hal asked.  “That’s fabulous!” “I’ll…draw you a sketch,” said Jesse. “Take off your shirt.  Give me a kiss.  Mercedes has a camera.  Let’s take pictures!” … Read More