Guest Post: “Why I Hate The ‘R’ Word” by N. Paslay

Let me introduce you to my writer friend and fellow Williams Syndrome mother, N. Paslay. She wrote an essay that struck deep into my heart. I’m grateful that she allowed me permission to share her words here. I cringe whenever I hear this word, precisely for the reasons that she so eloquently states. Please, let’s realizes there are consequences to … Read More

When We Fell In Love

The very gracious Dennis Haritou from Three Guys One Book reviewed my Hint Fiction story on their site.  (Hee hee, he said “voyeur”!) He invited me to contribute an essay to their wonderful When We Fell In Love series, and I have to tell you that I was deeply honored and also a little bit horrified.  If you want luscious, thought-provoking … Read More