February is Women in Horror Month!

I love Women in Horror Month. Although women work in horror all year long (surprise!), I think it’s nice to take time out to specifically search out diversity in our reading and viewing. Michael Bailey wrote a pretty comprehensive list of some fantastic female writers. There’s something here for everyone, so why don’t you swing by and pick up something new … Read More

My 2014 Reading List

Every year I try to read a book a week. Sometimes I make it and sometimes I don’t. This year I read 54 books, so hooray! This is my list. 1. Legend of Kill Creek Woods by Brett Williams 2. A Life Transparent by Todd Keisling 3. Jenny Undead by J.L. Murray 4. Autumn in the Abyss by John Claude … Read More

My, Uh, 41 Books of 2011

My goal was to read 52 books in 2011. I listed the books here.  While I didn’t manage the whole 52, I did a few books better than last year.  It’s also fun to see my true crime/faeries/nonfiction phases.  This list does not include reading The Stinky Cheese Man and Other Fairly Stupid Tales to my kids 600,000 times.  Which it should.  … Read More

Help Me Be Literate, People

So I have goals for 2010. Many goals. Achievable goals, I think. I’ve been reading a lot of bloggers that go through 50 books in a year, and they keep a list of them.  What a fantastic idea! I can do that! Reading is, of course, fundamental to the writing process.  So why does it seems like such a luxury?  But … Read More