Troll or Derby: An Interview with Red Tash

So once upon a time I was roaming the Twitterverse and I ran into this delightfully strange woman named Red Tash.  She seemed like somebody I’d like.  Now I know that not only is she insanely awesome and cooler than I’ll ever be, but she’s talented to boot.  She’s launching her extremely enjoyable book titled Troll or Derby ( which … Read More

Troll or Derby: A Book Review

It’s easy to weary of the traditional fae in literature.  They’re gorgeous, ephemeral little things with delicate wings.  While such ethereality can be charming in small doses, I would prefer fae with more bite.  A little more teeth.  And a lot more rock and roll. Then Red Tash’s Troll or Derby came blowing through the doors and my prayers were … Read More