Book Review: Robert Duperre’s “The Fall”

I’ve gotta be honest.  This book caught my interest at “Mayan”.  A long-dormant threat awakens and is released from a Mayan temple.  Those infected become irrationally violent and cannibalize anyone unfortunate enough to be nearby.  What do you do when those you love succumb? Robert Duperre’s The Fall is a toothy, satisfying read written in an easy, loping style.  I … Read More

Robert Duperre Reviews…Moi!

Robert Duperre, author of The Rift, wrote an especially nice review of Michelle Howarth and I.  That’s pretty cool.  I waver between being all blushingly demure and “Yay!” excited.  Stop by his blog A Journal of Always to read it, if you’d like.  It would make all three of us happy. 🙂 Tomorrow I make my official Call to Mystery.  … Read More