The SHOES HAIR NAILS Winner is Announced!

The hardest part of this whole contest?  Was not commenting on your awesome, sweet, and sometimes hilarious secrets. I didn’t want to screw the numbers up by telling you how much I dug what you had to say.  You guys are incredible, and any mother would be lucky to have you.  Rock on. So! Onto the winners!  I used … Read More

Deborah Batterman, Unmasked. And a Mother’s Day Giveaway!

THIS CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED.  Today’s masked writer,Deborah Batterman, just wows me with her picture.  It was taken here in Las Vegas, nonetheless!  Deborah is the author of SHOES HAIR NAILS, which I reviewed here.  As you can tell, I totally dug this short story collection. It was full of wit and heartbreak.  I know that you want to get … Read More

SHOES HAIR NAILS by Deborah Batterman

SHOES HAIR NAILS by Deborah Batterman is an evocative short story collection laced with truth and a touch of sorrow.  Batterman’s book is an intricately woven work of stunning depth.  It’s full of diverse characters with universal challenges, and the “it is what it is” way that they accept their realities is honest and true to life.  I found myself … Read More