Last Week to Submit to the HWA Poetry Showcase!

My dear friend and colleague Stephanie M. Wytovich is the editor for the 5th volume of the HWA Poetry Showcase. And this is EXCITING. Something also exciting? She’s asked Michael Arnzen and I to be guest judges. Eeeee! You can read a wonderful interview with Stephanie here where she tells you a little what she is looking for. Members of … Read More

Gamut Reopens Tomorrow!

Has it been a month already since Gamut first opened its doors? Gamut has chosen to cap submissions at 300 a month for two main reasons. 1) We want to reply in a timely manner, hopefully in 31 days or less, and 2) we don’t want to suffer staff burnout. One we reach 300 subs, we close while we get everything … Read More

Shock Totem Has Reopened Its Doors!

GUIDELINES STATUS: OPEN To submit or check the status of a previous submission, click here. WHAT WE WANT: Fiction: We consider original, unpublished stories within the confines of dark fantasy and horror—mystery, suspense, supernatural, morbid humor, fantasy, etc. Stories must have a clear horror element. We’re looking for short stories up to 5,000 words (firm). Nonfiction: We want journalism, well-researched … Read More


This is how it started. Once upon a time, a few of us were whining on Twitter.  “I don’t have any submissions out.  I used to sub much more than I am now, but I’m tired/worn out/don’t have anything new/too busy reading Stilettos and Shirley Temples to sub.”  (Yeah, so maybe I made that last excuse up.  So what?  It … Read More