Maddie’s Music Hall

I had a little thing go up on the Ladies of Horror Picture-Prompt Writing Challenge. You can read it here. I feel like I briefly stepped away from the world for a while, but I’m fighting my way back. Hello. It’s good to see you!

A Month of Letters Challenge

I came across the most delightful, charming thing.  Mary Robinette Kowal has has chosen to think of February as “The Month of Letters”.  During this month, you mail a letter to someone every day. How do you feel about this?  Eager?  Unnerved?  Daunted? I grew up making my own stationary and cards.  I mailed letters constantly.  A friend and I even wrote … Read More

No Bongos Here, Baby!

At least, not yet.  Some of you will remember that super cutie Robert J. Duperre called me up one day and said, “I challenge you!” If you don’t remember, check his wild-n-crazy challenge out here.  The deadline was April 1st.  And?  Well?  Where are the bongos?  The bad dancing? The crystals pasted to my forehead, or even better, his? Sometimes … Read More