An Open Letter of Apology. Oh, the Shame!

Pink Cupcake Pajamas

Dear School Bus Driver,

I am extremely sorry that you were forced to endure the sight of me running out to you in my pajamas.  Nay, not just any pajamas, but a pair of bright pink fleece pajamas with multi-colored polka dots all over them.  It has been cold, and these pajamas are warm and snuggly.  But quite honestly, good sir, I am trying to write a novel in 30 days, and I got off to a rather limping beginning.  Now I am settling into the swing of things, and I just don’t have time to pretty myself up.  Why waste time brushing my hair, putting on mascara, and changing into socially acceptable clothes when I could be writing, for crying out loud?  I will only see you for 60 seconds, and then I will wave goodbye as you drive my precious child off to school.  I know that 60 seconds of these rather loud pajamas seem like a lifetime, but our trials only serve to strengthen us.  Besides, my mother bought me these pajamas.  You would look askance at a gift from my mother?!

Please do not judge my son because I look like an oversized pink cupcake.


Mercedes M. Yardley

20 Comments on “An Open Letter of Apology. Oh, the Shame!”

  1. Thank you, owlandsparrow! I totally dig your blog, and your NaNo decision.

    I’d make you some, BT, but they’d be super gross by the time they made it to you.

    Oh, Becca, you know not of what you speak. It is for the sake of humanity that I didn’t stick a polka dot pajama picture on here!

    Jeremy…I’ll never look at you the same way again.

    B, yeah, I make the jammies look good, mmm hmm! 😛

    Belky! Hi! It’s good to see you. Your comment was disturbing on so many levels.

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