Is Strapping The Boy Down Really The Answer? Apparently So.

This is my kidlet. He’s nine, he’s frickin’ adorable, he has Williams Syndrome, and he’s unruly on the bus.  He just can’t sit still.  Last year the bus had an aide and that was all that was needed, but this year transportation has gone completely insane.  The budget cuts are astronomical. It’s impossible to get an aide for him; I … Read More

So The Police Show Up With My Eight-Year-Old Son…

Sounds like a bad joke, right?  Only it isn’t.  Through a series of miscommunications and things that would be heartbreakingly comic if I was watching it on TV, my son ended up freaking out on the school bus.  So much so that the school police were called.  My car had mysteriously died this morning, my baby hadn’t slept all day and … Read More

An Open Letter of Apology. Oh, the Shame!

Dear School Bus Driver, I am extremely sorry that you were forced to endure the sight of me running out to you in my pajamas.  Nay, not just any pajamas, but a pair of bright pink fleece pajamas with multi-colored polka dots all over them.  It has been cold, and these pajamas are warm and snuggly.  But quite honestly, good sir, … Read More