Kill Those Darlings DEAD, Baby. WIP Wednesday.

Last night I presented my writer’s group with a story.  It is a sweet story.  A whimsical story.  It’s full of goodness, light, and stardust.

They dug it, except that they were clamoring for a main character’s death. It makes the piece more poignant.  It’s more…I hesitate to say “realistic” with a completely fanciful story, but yes, it’s more realistic. The death of this character, although tragic, gives true closure where the piece was rather pat before. What a sweet, pure character.  Obviously the only thing to do is to crush and then kill him.

Been writing like a fiend on the demon story, and I’m hungry for more.  Why, oh why aren’t there more hours in the day?  I’ve been staying up late and getting up early. My WIP loves it but my body despises me. I’m doing the last minute touches on the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse contest piece and using a scythe to hack my way through slush for Shock Totem. Busy times.

Oh yeah, and I don’t have any caffeine in the house at ALL.  I’m seriously contemplating having a pizza delivered because they’ll send a Coke along as well. I can order online.  Ah, technology, thou seriously rocketh.

Google history: checkered tights, lord dunsany, chocolate covered kittens, bettie paige, 1940’s hairstyles, proper avalanche protocol

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  1. Your google histories always get me… Chocolate covered kittens?

    It sounds like you’re well and truly caught up in your demon story, make the most of it! Feast and famine, and all that jazz.

    Try vitamin B over caffeine. I find it’s a cleaner sort of pick-me-up.

  2. We are a bit bloodthirsty, aren’t we?

    Can’t wait to read the heart-rending final version. 🙂

    P.s. My caffeine is your caffeine. What else are friends for?

  3. littlegirl: Chocolate covered kittens made sense at the time! Sort of. *eyes dart around*

    Masonian: Your caffeine was the last caffeine that I had. I am TOTALLY tweaking right now! I couldn’t leave the house because I had to be here for the repair guy (third time this week) and now I have to wait for Nina to wake up from her nap. The second she peeps, we are out the door like the hounds of Hell are on our heels.

  4. I know you pretty well. I’ve seen and heard a lot of things from you that might be disconcerting, but seeing chocolate covered kittens in your google history surpasses the rest.

    Ahem. I wish I could give you a few more hours in the day, but I fear you wouldn’t use them to sleep. You’d only find more work to fill them, thus, I have decided to reject your request for additional time. My apologies. 😉

  5. Yes, the sweet, pure characters must be broken. Happy endings are crap. Well, at least they’re not very interesting. To me, at any rate.

    Plus, I like Bettie Page.

  6. Alan: Oh, it was not pretty. And thanks for the award! 😀

    Nisa: Request Denied. That’s harsh. But you know me too well.

    Danielle: I don’t drink coffee, but I drink so much Coke Zero that if you were to cut me, I’d bleed the stuff. I get panicky when I’m CLOSE to being out, so this was just…yeah.

    Natalie: And they pass themselves off as being so nice! Killers!

    Cate: That actually sounds extraordinarily lovely, and now I want to do it.

    Oh, Aaron, it’s true! You can also order from Claim Jumper and Create online. Prepare for your world to be ROCKED, my friend!

    Simon: Who doesn’t like Bettie Paige? I’ve really gotten into the whole pinup look lately. I figure that I already have the red heels and lipstick, so I might as well go the whole hog, yeah? Modestly, of course. Plus it’s fun.

    K.C. Shaw: You mean to tell me that you *never* looked up chocolate covered kitten?

    Okay. Maybe I believe that. 😉

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