Choppity Chop Chop: Manuscripts and Haircuts.

I am taking an axe to my hair.  Well, I’m actually going to find a stylist to take scissors to it, but the end result shall be about a foot and a half of black hair on the salon floor.  I’ve had the same hair for about two years now, which is some kind of record for me.  I’m ready … Read More

Kill Those Darlings DEAD, Baby. WIP Wednesday.

Last night I presented my writer’s group with a story.  It is a sweet story.  A whimsical story.  It’s full of goodness, light, and stardust. They dug it, except that they were clamoring for a main character’s death. It makes the piece more poignant.  It’s more…I hesitate to say “realistic” with a completely fanciful story, but yes, it’s more realistic. … Read More