Where Have I Been?

You know how you get that writer’s high?  The I Can Do Anything/I’m King Of The World/Life Is A Bowl Of Cherries feeling?

Yeah, well, I haven’t been feeling that. 

But I’ve been close.  Issue #2 of Shock Totem is slated for mid-March, and that’s very exciting.  As some of you know, I’m the nonfiction person for ST, and they originally brought me aboard to contribute a piece every issue.  I’m both eager and terrified for my rather personal piece to come out.  This is more than putting down the axe…this is putting down the axe and stripping naked in front of the universe.  Why am I so twisted, you wonder?  Well, this might tell you.  Still, I am very proud of it.  I hope you guys have a chance to read it.

Also! I don’t have the go ahead to officially announce it yet, and might not for a while, but I just made the biggest short story sale of my career so far.  AND I AM EXCITED.  At the same time, I’m a little bit nervous that it’s too good to be true, and I’ll get a letter saying, “Wait, what was I thinking?  Now that I have come to my senses, I do NOT want your piece, kthxbai.”  That’s how I think.  Sorry, can’t help it.

I also plunged headfirst into writing that book about my son.  It’s exhilarating and frightening, because it’s so important to me.  I want to handle it straight on, but also delicately.  I spent a long time contemplating the book’s purpose, and I decided that I want it to be THE book that you hand your mother or best friend if you’re trying to explain Williams from an emotional perspective.  This won’t be a “Now let us take a scientific look at Williams” type o’ book.  It’ll be a “I held my dying child in my arms and this is what I wished you would have said to me” type of book.  Although it will, of course, be about Williams, I think that it will be valuable regarding any type of special needs.  It will be a book of hope.  That is my goal, anyway. 

Also, Small Son used a straw for the very first time EVER.    He has never been able to use those muscles before.  He can’t suck.  He can’ t blow bubbles.  And it is very, very difficult to learn how to speak if you can’t control all of the muscles in your mouth.  I teared up in the restaurant, and the “Is that woman completely insane?” looks didn’t even faze me.

I take stock of the things that are going on, and I must tell you that I am very, very pleased.

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  1. Sorry, got distracted when you said, “…stripping naked in front of the universe.”

    That’s great news about your Williams project. It sounds like you know exactly where you’re going with it.

  2. Oh Mercedes, you are to be celebrated in so many ways. I love your joy of writing, and am proud of ya! Wow, I was just thinking about what I would like people to say to me sometimes regarding my WS child…I look forward to reading your book.

  3. Yes, a huge sale indeed! Can’t wait until you’re way up there looking down at us.

    Wear a skirt.

    Great news on your son, too! Does that mean he’s slowly gaining control of those muscles? I hope so.

  4. Congrats!! I’ve loved everything I’ve read of yours so far. 🙂 You’re awesome. Now… how do you keep up with so many projects at once, oh wise one?

    No, really. I think an answer to that is blog worthy. 😀

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