Happy Anniversary, Beautiful Sorrows! And a Super Apex Sale!

Five years ago I published my first book, Beautiful Sorrows, from Shock Totem Publications. Now it’s being re-released from Apex, and I couldn’t be more pleased! They’re running a killer deal where you can get all five books from Shock-Totem-Turned-Apex authors in the Shock Bundle. Shock Bundle from Apex Book Company. 5 books to thrill! $10 digital and $50 trade … Read More

Pimp a Friend Friday: John Boden and Mercedes M. Yardley

You know I adore John Boden. He was one of the original founders of Shock Totem, and was such a wonderful guy to work with on staff. One day he approached me and asked if I’d read this wonderful story he was working on, called “Thief.” As time went on, the title was changed to “Loving the Girl with X’s … Read More

I Had An Epiphany. And Saying Goodbye.

This epiphany cause me to shift my world. I came down with The Mother of All Plagues, and it left me totaled. I spent days lying in bed with nothing to do but think. And I realized a few things. I spend too much time making do instead of going for what I want. I have too many responsibilities. It’s … Read More

An Interview! Yay!

You know how much I enjoy Lee Thompson, both his work and his personality. He’s just a nice, nice guy, and talented, to boot. I know few people who work harder.  I came across him through Shock Totem, and his “Beneath the Weeping Willow” and “The River” are some of my very favorite things that we ever published. Lee was … Read More

Free Shock Totem on Kindle. Every Day This Week.

Tired of happy, fluffy bunnies and darling little baby chicks? How about some horror? If you haven’t had a chance to read Shock Totem, or even if you have, this week is the perfect time to pick up the mag for free on your Kindle! Click the links below to download!Monday/Tuesday: Shock Totem 1: Curious Tales of the Macabre and … Read More

Hooray! A Wonderful Review of BS!

I will never again write a book with “BS” as initials. Let me just be clear on that. TT Zuma wrote a wonderful review for Beautiful Sorrows over at Horror World. He said: “Mercedes M. Yardley might just be one of the finest and most imaginative storytellers since Neil Gaiman, she is that good.” What an honor! It really made … Read More

Shock Totem’s January 2013 Flash Fiction Contest!

What are you doing on New Year’s day? How about entering a free contest that could possibly get you published in Shock Totem? Every other month we host a flash fiction contest at the Shock Totem forum.  The next contest begins on Tuesday, January 1, 2013. Participants have one week to write a story based on a prompt that we … Read More

Beautiful Sorrows Is 99 Cents! Until Wednesday Only!

Things You Can Do With a Dollar 1. Leave a tip that will earn you a dirty look from your server. 2. Buy an ugly pair of gold(ish) earrings at the Dollar Store. 3. Eat it and weep. 4. Look at the fast food dollar menu and fume because nothing is a buck after tax. 5. Buy your copy of … Read More