Death, Destruction, Mayhem, and Murder

Gotta say it’s right up my alley.

Tomorrow the LAPD is putting on an exhibit at the Palms casino featuring evidence from some of the most high-profile crimes in the last 100 years.  They’ll be showing the knife and cardboard sheath from the Skid Row stabbing murders, Robert Blake’s pistol, pictures, guns, and the infamous fork from the Manson family Tate-LaBianca killings, the clothes that Robert Kennedy was shot in, and O. J.’s gloves.  Among other things.

I’m excited to go and actually see the things that I’ve read about, and the sociologist in me is excited to see what the atmosphere will be like.  This is the grand star-studded soiree of murder, and that’s thrilling.  But at the same time, we’ll be surrounded by remnants of death and pain.  How will people act, I wonder?  Will there be a sense of gravity?  Or will people be all, “Hey, baby, this is Vegas!  Woo!” 

Either way, I feel lucky that I’m able to attend.  If you had the chance to go to this exhibit, would you want to?

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  1. I’d probably go. I’m a true crime junkie so I’ve read a lot about most of the cases mentioned. It would be interesting…not saying I wouldn’t be weirded out by the tragedy associated with them, but I’d be interested enough to check it out.

  2. I’d want to attend, but I fear many people are able to distance themselves from the reality of violence, brutality, and loss that produces these “artifacts” and would worry about my reaction to their (potential) behavior.

  3. Oh yea I would definately go! My husband would too, but for entirely different reasons than me. I’d go for the writer side of me wanting to explore the aspects of murder and such while my husband would go because – well he’s just odd. He’d go just to irritate or mess with me I’m sure LOL

  4. I’d check it out for sure. Though I’d probably react like I did when I visited Medieval Times and toured their dungeon exhibit of torture devices — I was thoroughly horrified.

    The things human beings do one another.

  5. I don’t know, it sounds like an interesting exhibit but I do think I’d go away from it feeling really bummed out. Maybe if I could tour a Muppet exhibit afterwards that would help.

  6. wow, that really sounds fascinating!
    And very American… I can’t ever imagine something like that happening in Melbourne… We make TV shows of our crimes (Underbelly etc); but evidence seems to be pretty tightly under wraps, most of the high-profile crimes that have happened here are linked to others so it’s still important evidence, I guess.
    Either way, I wish I was there!

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